Synaesthesia Magazine Green - Page 9

I took a hammer to your bones

after they had been twisted

and drowned

in cement

then I used the knots and the bolts

that had helped us to stand

to hang up a photograph

of your old rotten hand

you remember that day

when that photograph was real?

10 fingers cursing and kissing

begging to feel

then I sang a nursery rhyme


Carlotta Eden reads books and watches films and then writes about reading books and watching films. She can be found writing for Best For Film, Planet Ivy or GKBC, and is the other half of Synaesthesia Magazine.

as I battered your spine

to the wall, where the light doesn't reach,

and the colour has faded with time

two old copper pipes

bone green with grime,

darling, let's face it,

I was never yours,

you were never mine