Synaesthesia Magazine Green - Page 36

Forbidden Fruit

Anticipating, half a beat, quicker now on airlit feet;

Butterflies, their wings a-thrill, half a beat now, quicker still.

Calling, crawling deep within, in your throat now, taste the sin;

Darkly, stealing, cravings soar, quicker now, a half beat more.

Ebbing, flowing, liquid tide, half beat, full beat, speed the ride;

Fever, burning from below, rising, spreading, squeeze the glow.

Gnawing, burning, up the beat, up the ante, taste the heat;

Heartbeats thunder, feel the sound, beating quicker move the ground.

Inching, probing, close the space, up a half beat, up the pace;

Juggling, struggling, whirling mind, hesitant, afraid, resigned.

Knives of conscience, to the hilt, drive them deeper, taste the guilt;

Lusting, wanting, fluid need, up a full beat, gaining speed.

Moving closer, tempting, trying, blood on fire, pulses flying;

Nearer, sensing, taste the air, shallow breathing, take the dare.

Only inches, doubts recede, smell your heart pound, taste the need;

Pain and pleasure intertwine, when lusting, borders, ill define.

Quicker, merging, single beat, too fleet to count invites defeat;

Roaring, rolling, still denied, hot flesh, fluid, melts inside.

Surging soaring, pain divine, break the bottle, taste the wine;

Tingling, drawing, closer lay, raise the bottle, seize the day.

Upward, onward, fever burning, closer still, feel the yearning;

Violent, heartrace, in your throat, singing faster, feel the note.

Wanting, willing, ride the flood, pull the knives out, taste the blood;

Excitement smoulders, sparks to fire, touching lips now, light the pyre.

Yawing, drawing, black desire, surrender reason, taste the fire.

Zenith passes, guilt revives… Pay the piper - Twist the knives!

Sullivan the Poet spent his early years in the Far East, returning to England where he was subsequently educated. He then pursued what could only be described as a varied and 'colourful' career, throughout which the only common thread has been his writing. The poems in this issue were from already published collections, In the Mirror Darkly and Cup O' Nails. To purchase his e-books click here.