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When I hear the word “database”, I see graph paper. White, with evenly aligned vertical and horizontal lines. Nothing in this image speaks to me of art or color. It’s drab – without life. It exists only as structure, and even so, the structure lacks purpose. As a UI and relational database designer, my challenge is to transform this empty canvas into one filled with meaning, passion and – certainly – color.

To begin, I need only listen. My clients don’t understand the internet as well as I do, and perhaps they shouldn’t. To them, the internet is an endless array of possibility and enterprise. It is vast and without boundaries, exempt from general rules and regulations. There are no stop signs or red lights. To them, the internet is free.

Freedom is chartreuse and yellow for me. All of my paintings seem to start with these similar green and yellow swirls. To be sure, the paintings are not physical. They’re built in my mind’s eye, a composition of emotion, inflection and tone translated into brilliant arrays of color and texture. As our clients express their vision, the colors change.

Confusion is always blue with golden threads weaved throughout. Though there is much excitement, the bewilderment and anticipation beneath the surface of their speech drive those iridescent jades and yellows up to the top. It’s understandable. We fear what we do not know, and technology is difficult to understand. At this point, I interject with questions meant to guide my clients back onto a positive path. The reassurance restores their confidence, and we’re off again with light, airy colors and grass-like textures.

Canvas of the Mind

Director of product management for web design, development and consulting firm WebLift, and creator of BlendedSenses, Misty McIntosh is also synesthetic. Here, she explains how having synaesthesia has helped her procure a successful working relationship with clients, as well as divulging a few more synesthetic secrets...