Synaesthesia Magazine Green - Page 29

When arguments were set with fists,

or Chinese burns on both your wrists;

Pinch, punch and dead legs just for spite,

and pulling jerseys… Was a fight!

When pens had nibs and proper ink,

and dad shaved in the kitchen sink.


The phone lived in a big red box,

most kids caught several sorts of pox;

Or rickets; And the measles too,

and no-one dreamed of sniffin‟ glue!

When thick ears came in twos and threes,

for scrumpin‟, backchat, climbin‟ trees.


The trains we spotted ran on steam,

and vans came round with fresh ice cream;

Fish vendors came with wooden carts,

and shops sold blackjacks, canes and hearts;

When all gents‟ barbers walked with limps,

and dads cleared blocked up flues with „Imps‟.

When Health & Safety was your mum,

and sailors got a tot of rum;

The flicks had children‟s matinees,

for sixpence each on Saturdays;

With pea shooters and maché balls,

to pelt the kids down in the stalls.

It‟s better now, or so I‟m told,

perhaps it‟s „cause I‟m getting old;

I don‟t remember downtrod masses,

looking back through rose tint glasses;

I do remember having fun,

a childhood playing… In the sun

Photograph: Carlotta Eden