Synaesthesia Magazine Cities - Page 42


Cities live, thrive and function independently. All have their own heartbeat and persona to each entity who visits them whether by foot, bicycle or mechanised transport. Cities provide interactive, personal experiences to every individual who dares enter across the globe. Each concrete explorer or urban adventurer has a different and unique experience; they see different sights, smell different smells, all making that individual man, woman, child shape a unique image, persona and relationship with the city that they have just explored. Whether it be the plea from the now tired enunciator of the London underground, “please mind the gap”, or the chant of “Pho Bo, Pho Bo” in the winding streets of Hanoi, whether they know it or not, the city will enter the life of each intrepid visitor and leave an imprint upon their mind which they will remember forever.


The Netherlands,

-Illegal Beauty-