Synaesthesia Magazine Cities - Page 33

a spider keeps me company

its lassitude infectious

little effort to kill it

this mordant heat

panic in impotent windows

claustrophobia of skin

purple fan screams my names

names of internal organs

a colorful wuss

i rethink the south

inhalation water

inhabitants fish

full moon mauled streets stones

carts of the homeless

mad relief

what does not sag drags off-key

diligent hammers of piano

gasp-warp of dark rows

this morning the overpass

dreary dirge of gray train

of no beginning no end

too hot to punct





Raised in Georgia (yellow with a hint of black), Julie Shavin, aka Julianza, is a composer, poet, and visual artist who adopted the Rocky Mountains as home in 1993 (a sense-confounding relo which further entrenched her synaesthesia). Recipient of three Pikes Peak Arts Council grants, she was named 2011 PPAC Performance Poet of the Year; in 2012, Page Poet. A composer since age 9, she makes movies of her improvisations, which are on Youtube. She is past President and current Vice-President/Workshop Coordinator of Poetry West (, and is an animal-welfare advocate and activist.