Symphony - Page 63

I love my school very much.Every day I get up with fresh thoughts and excitement about my new day at school. I think about meeting my friends and we share out thoughts about studies and games at school. My teachers too are very loving.

Every day I get new responsibilities from them. This makes me more responsible towards my duties. I love their effort they put on us for shaping our future. Every day we learn so much of creative things with fun. We also have creative clubs during weekend. I love being a part of it. For me ISM is my second home. It makes me happy and it is fun being there.

-Vedika (IV M)

School is one of the best places I like to be during the day. I like school because there is a lot of activities that happen in school, I am 4th grade's blossom too, which I love to be. I love to spend time with my teachers and friends. Science olympiad, cultural activities, outing, picnic etc . make my school life lively, interesting and enjoyable. We have many important events like sports day, Diwali celebration, national day celebration. They continue to sweeten my mind and fill my life.

-Shubhangee (IV R)