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To highlight the unique nature of Hindi language and to stress on the importance of learning this wonderful language, an Assembly on HINDI DIWAS was conducted by the students of Class 1 on the 10th of November, 2015. 76 students participated in the assembly. The chief guest of this assembly was our Principal, Mr Srinivas K Naidu. The Vice Principal of the Primary Section, Ms Priya Murali, the Vice Principal of the Pre-Primary Section, Ms Prema George, the Assistant Vice Principal of Primary Section, Ms Hema Menon, HODs of Primary Section, Ms Apolonia, Ms Suparna B, Ms Srividhya R and Ms Maya Bartare were present for the assembly. The students very confidently spoke in Hindi. They danced to an action song “A sao Anaar". The assembly was well received and appreciated by the parents present.