Symphony - Page 4

The E-Magazine of ISM was and is an organic entity; constantly evolving, it has crystallized into a definitive form. Yet, we know that it will metamorphose more so, subsequently.

The current issue is a labor of love; conceived, crafted, and designed by the students. It reflects their ebullient spirit and the ethos of the school. The School has been on a fast track to ICT and Hi TECH highway. It has constantly achieved milestones of success and challenges and the ISM family has striven and continues to retain its Numero Uno status among the Indian Schools in Gulf.

The E-magazine showcases the effort, and captures the moments of glory, creative genius at work and all the events which have been the highlight of our school in the current academic session from April- October 2015. There have been moments to rejoice; solemn occasions to observe and celebrations galore; yet if we have reveled in our achievements, we have also taken stock of our areas of development and set goals and benchmarks,to forge ahead with tenacity and laser focus to achieve ; what is still possible to attain ; like the Olympic motto- CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS.

For we at ISM firmly believe that the best is yet to be!