Symphony - Page 36


One more prize added to its plethora of laurels. ISM has made for itself a reputation of unparalleled greatness in the sport of athletics in the sphere of CBSE competitions. ISM is the only school in Oman that can smugly count its National medals in double digits.


The sound of wind whistling by my ears. Wind causing my eyes to water. The sound of my competitors’ footsteps behind me intermingling with the roar of the crowd’s cheers. My eyes on the prize. The finish line gets closer with each step. With one last great effort I make my final sprint for the win. As I cross that white line far ahead of the rest, I feel content, satisfied with the knowledge that my run has won the school one more medal. Another feather in the cap of ISM.

"ISM has made for itself a reputation of greatness in the sphere of contests."