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"Earlier there were only 2 blocks - A and B. Now there are 5 blocks, a gym and bigger field. Earlier there was one science lab, Now there are different ones for each branch of science and for different grades. Earlier there was no award scheme for the teachers or the children, and now there is. The school has changed indeed but all for the better.", said Mr Dwivedi D S.

“Over the years, what happened to ISM?” Mr. Dominic repeated after me with a thoughtful face and mind. “The biggest change is technology. Although I have worked under four Principals, Mr Madhavan and Mr Naidu were most instrumental in bringing about big changes in infrastructure and technology. The normal one-to-one blackboard teaching has died out. Today ISM, teachers are using laptops and e-content tools. Infrastructure wise, take the sports field, for example, synthetic tracks with turfs are coming up that will enhance the class of sportspersons in the school.” When asked about challenges, the answer came after much forethought, “Jhankaar Spectrum and the Charity Club.” Mr. Dominic described Indian School

Muscat as “The Flagship School”. “But we discovered that there was no quality platform for young talents. Hence following the moto, ‘ISM good to great’, we introduced the Jhankaar Spectrum. The Trophy was the main highlight along with the Flag and the Mascot.” Coming to students, he said, “It is not teacher-centered mechanism anymore but a pro-student. My aim is to make every student say ‘I am a lamp that spreads light to the entire world’, in other words make students global citizens.” He added forlornly, “But the thirst for knowledge is less because of the ‘fast-food’ type of nature of students. I miss home. But ISM compensated me with leadership qualities and growth in myself.”