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Ans: S.K. Naidu- “I mean, basically we don't work for the awards nor they give us any pleasure or any kind of satisfaction... Awards are as good as a material piece for me, because we keep working, we keep working for the children so what's the big deal even if they don't give me, its perfect; then if somebody says you are doing a good job, it is fine. Even if they don't give me an award we keep working. And this is my 32nd year as a teacher or as an administrator and it keeps going...

Q4) What is your vision for ISM in the next five years?

Ans: S.K. Naidu- “Usually a vision cannot be defined for five years for any school or organization. That is a very short period if time. Normally a vision for a school will be taken for twenty or thirty years. Have you seen some of the schools they talk about 2050. Recently I was in Lucknow in the City Montessori School, they were talking about 2050 and I was shocked because nobody the principal, the teachers or the staff will be there of the public schools have a very well defined vision; at least for a century; so their ethos never changes.

Q5) What is your message for the ISM Family?

Ans: S.K. Naidu- It is one of the foremost schools in the gulf region and it has a huge potential in terms of teacher resource. So the students; you should try and extract maximum from your teachers that gives you the strength to go ahead in life.”