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HRD Minister Mrs Smriti Malhotra Irani as the BEST MENTOR Principal award for 2015.

He has received Fellowship for Innovation in Process during 8th edition of Leadership International Round Table.

He was interviewed by the council member Anjali A Kumar:

Anjali Amar Kumar- Good Afternoon Sir.

Q 1) What according to you is the basis of 'Sound Education' ?

Ans: S.K. Naidu- “When we produce 'Fine Human Beings', that is what I feel is the basis of sound or good Education”.

Q2) How do you think it's relevant in the contemporary context ?

Ans: S.K. Naidu- “I have attended a seminar in Bahrain. There was one gentleman by the name of Professor Ganesh from IIT Chennai. He talked 21st century education. I'm so excited that he was going to talk about technology and Facebook; but what he said is what we are missing in the present education system is the values and that if the values are not preserved, the whole society is going to collapse; if not today, tomorrow. Keep aside all the things that are required for living but also focus more on the values and that's what I believe we have to inculcate in you.

Q3 ) Sir, you have just won two awards the Best Mentor Principal and the Innovator's award, what are your thoughts about receiving such an honour?