SYMES GROUP Feb 2019 Brochure - Page 13

“One of the most fun and exciting and interactive workshops I’ve ever been in.”

Participant, Future Female Leaders, Westpac Group 2017

The Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Process requires diversity, skilled communication, highly developed self-awareness, and an understanding of the steps of creativity that lead to innovation. In the ‘age of disruption’, those who pursue not just simple alteration but complete reinvention lead the way. Innovation demands experimentation and agility, both of which are woven into the craft of creativity.

The Collaborative Process provides a framework for:

Team dynamics

Decision Making

Leadership Development

Crisis Management

Conflict resolution

Ideas Generation



Work Structure (flexible arrangements/Core times)

Client/Customer relations

Product/project development

The Collaborative Process is one of:

Turning challenges and problems into opportunities

Questioning the status quo

Cross pollinating teams

Changing/adjusting the rules

Asking new questions

Looking at problems differently

Trying things out