SwitchOn! Issue 1.2 - Page 6

8 9 10 11 12 13 15 Taking the Adventure of a Lifetime with Harry Elephant Washing Orang-utans of Sumatra Eco-tourism in Sumatra & the issue with palm oil Dr Jane Goodall’s Melbourne Youth Summit Debby Cox and the chimpanzees Canned Hunting report from Donalea Patman 3 33 Dr Kishan Kariippanon’s pros & cons of Facebook Harry McLeod guest editor Walk on the Wild Side 34 Sea Shepherd video on Antarctica 35 Your Planet team welcomes home the Steve Irwin 40 Artist in Profile: Connor Blake 41 Film maker Dana Stockton & ‘Lucy’s Bedtime’ 18 Jackie French talks with Leah Hawkins 22 Reading Matters Book Review – Dragon Boy 04 23 28 36 37 39 42 44 46 48 20 Jo Richardson’s delicious banana cake recipe 47 Live links to 2014/13 podcast highlights 24 25 26 27 21 Joy Young’s quick quiz 22 Quiz answers 14 Thomas King, SBN National Ambassador 16 Louie Swartzberg ‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’ 17 Louie Swartzberg video ‘Gratitude’ Cindy V’s Journey through Jazz Music Matters to Jonathan Goldman Fast Track Singing Showcases Music Matters Expands to Sunday 30 Sustainable Fashion with Lara Shannon 31 Lara’s top 5 Eco Fashion Tips 32 The Story of Cotton with Kristina Stoney 9 11 12 13 14 17 23 27 28 31 32 34 36 37 Dr Jane Goodall DBE Australian Tour Green Lane Diary clean up Queensland Kids Teaching Kids pages Knowing the warning signs of suicide Spring of Sustainability Earth Day online event Trash on Your Back® 2014 Global 5 Day Challenge Kidz Hub pages Radijojo pages Australian Native Plant Guide Find our friends 49 SBN/WWMN Program times for Australia and 3WBC foreign language programs 50 Would you like to join SBN’s team? Orang-utans in the Sumatran rainforest: Helen Hargreaves Don’t Palm us Off : Lara Shannon Eco TV Happy Birthday Dr Jane: Janey Kennedy with audio by SBNs team Wounda’s release on Tchimpounga Island Sanctuary: Jane Goodall Institute Lions in Africa: Helen Hargreaves ‘Gratitude’ by Louie Shwartzberg Tangaroa Blue Clean Up: Tangaroa Blue Foundation Declan Sykes live on Music Matters: Miani Rose Kids Teaching Kids trailer: Kids Teaching Kids Eco Fashion with Lara Shannon: EcoTV The Story of Cotton with Kristina Stoney: World by Cycle Antarctica: The World's Heritage: Sea Shepherd Australia Knowing the 7 signs of suicide Spring of Sustainability trailer: Springofsustainability.com