SwitchOn! Issue 1.2 - Page 50

Would you like to join SBN’s team of over 50 amazing volunteers? There are numerous roles to play for people of all ages and skill sets – just drop us a line and let’s chat about it! As a registered charity, the School Broadcasting Network Inc relies on volunteers, and fund-raising for sustainable growth (including sponsorship for this magazine & radio/podcast shows) so we can continue to provide numerous opportunities for young people worldwide. If you would like to promote your business and feel what you have to offer fits SBN’s mandate of caring for our planet and humanity, then we would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed the experience of switching on to SwitchOn! Magazine and all our other media and would like to support SBN just because you like what we do (plus of course that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from random acts of giving to worthwhile causes) then click here to donate any amount that feels right for you. Thank you for your support Click here to subscribe to SwitchOn! Thinking of a career in media or journalism? If you're interested in a career in media, then how about joining SBN’s internship program to gain valuable experience? Through SBN you can gain laudable experience in radio, online multimedia journalism and design, video production, interviewing and broadcasting. Become one of SBN’s global reporters and explore your passions while informing other young people across the planet about issues of importance and interest to you. What a great way to gather experience, get a portfolio together and expand your skills towards an exciting career path! Take the first step by emailing a short bio to info@sbnonline.org - we look forward to hearing from you “…a brilliant experience, and one that will personally put me miles ahead of others when I leave university and am looking for a job in the media sector.” Alex, 19