SwitchOn! Issue 1.2 - Page 5

Junior Editor Miani Rose Reading Matters Editor Leah Hawkins SBN Inc is a registered charity dedicated to giving young people a global voice via transmedia platforms, about issues that matter to the Y & Z generations… and many other people on our planet! Producing multi-award winning, high calibre edutaining media created for young people, by young people from 8-25 years SBN currently produces 5 ‘4 youth by youth’ radio programs Weekly ‘Your Planet Needs You!’ hosted by young people 14-20yrs ‘Primary Perspectives’ hosted by young people 8-14yrs Fortnightly ‘Music Matters’ hosted by Frank Dixon & Miani Rose Monthly ‘SwitchOn Saturday’ hosted by young people 12-16yrs Music Matters on Sunday hosted by Declan Sykes SwitchOn! Special Edition for school students ‘SwitchOn Radio’ enrichment program for schools and youth organisations produced by primary level to tertiary students Guest Editor Harry McLeod Journalist Joe Young From the Editor-in-Chief In honour of our International Patron, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, and her 2014 Australian tour, this issue of SwitchOn! Magazine and our ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ special feature is dedicated to Dr Jane. We ask all our readers to please take action for great ape conservation in what ever way you can throughout 2014, whether that is by avoiding palm oil, recycling your mobile phones, sponsoring a chimpanzee or orang-utan, or just making a donation to one of the many excellent primate conservation organisations featured in this ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ edition. Every action counts! Thank you. Viarnne Mischon