SwitchOn! Issue 1.2 - Page 49

Youth Shows live/streaming on 94.1fm Live simulcast/rebroadcast KidzHub.com All times are Aust Eastern Standard Weekly Your Planet Needs You! - Monday 7-8pm Primary Perspectives - Tuesday 4-5pm 3WBC 94.1fm Foreign Language Programs Live and streaming from 3wbc.org.au All times are Aust Eastern Standard Monday 10pm-11pm - Indian 11pm-12am - Sri Lankan Tuesday 10pm-12am - Samoan Wednesday 8pm-10pm - Indonesian 10pm-11pm - Chinese (Mandarin) 11pm-12am - Chinese (Cantonese) Thursday 10pm-12am - Spanish Friday 10pm-12am - Tongan Saturday 6am-8am - Macedonian Fortnightly Music Matters - 2nd Sat 10-11am, 4th Tues 4-5pm Monthly Music Matters - Sunday 1st Sunday 3-5pm SwitchOn Saturday - 4th & 5th Saturday 10-11am l All podcasts/show info via Primary Perspectives Wonderful World Media Network Programs Live/streaming on 94.1fm Weekly What a Wonderful World - Monday 4-7pm Living the Good Life - Saturday 9-10am Monthly The Good Earth - 1st Saturday 10-11am Our Earth Our Future - 3rd Saturday 10-11am Travelling the Airwaves - 2nd Sunday 3-5pm Visit WWMN for more program information Like listening to radio? You’re going to LOVE listening to 3WBC 94.1fm! There’s something for everyone Catering for all ages and tastes with a wide variety of Shows for you to enjoy day and night – including SBN’s 5 youth shows and 9 foreign language programs! Global streaming from www.3wbc.org.au 3WBC – What Better Choice for award winning radio!