SwitchOn! Issue 1.2 - Page 39

EVENTS 2014 TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 day global Challenge® SBN is partnering again this year with Sustainability News & Entertainment® USA (SNAE) in the Global SNAE ‘TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE’® Have you ever wondered about the answer to this simple question..."What is my personal trash impact on the planet”? Well, it’s a lot!!! America completed their pilot 5 Day Challenge in April 2012 and SBN launched the Australian pilot program of the SNAE Trash On Your Back 5 Day Challenge® on World Environment Day June 5th – June 9th 2013. “TOYB identifies a very real problem in our society and some very simple strategies to address it. Our students learnt a great deal about the impact of their food choices on our environment and how changing patterns to select items in bulk, in recycled or reuseable packaging and with minimal food miles can make profound differences to the amount of waste we generate. It is an outstanding life lesson and fun for all!” Michelle Rayner, Assistant Principal The Patch Primary School From students to sports stars, mayors to mums, over 400 Americans and more than 1000 Australians took to the streets with their ‘TRASH ON YOUR BACK®’ eco-friendly bags, to take up the 2013 challenge of carrying all non-perishable trash that they personally generated over 5 days. Calling all Trash Warriors! Join the challenge and be a part of this fun and informative ‘hands on’ global event April 21-25th and/or June 2-6 2014 In collaboration with KIOSC Discovery Centre at Swinburne University (Australia) and the University of New Hampshire (USA), the metrics are calculated to evaluate the ‘cradle to grave’ raw material to landfill impact on our planet. The purpose of this ‘TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE’® Sister Nation event is to encourage waste impact awareness, sustainable citizenship thinking and systemic behaviour change through this ‘hands on’ educational experience – as well as to see how our ‘Trash Warriors’ can reduce their waste impact, compared with the national average for each nation. The results of H