Swing the Fly Issue 2.4 Spring 2015 - Page 77

Beyond that, involvement in the conservation realm has brought me deep and long lasting relationships with people that I am honored to call friends. Board members to volunteers, donors to scientists and the list go on and on.

But a word of advice; once you dip your toes into these waters be prepared for your soul to resonate even more when a fish grabs your fly. The connection rings more true aligning you with the wildness of the world for a hell of a ride.

Editor's Note: As my friend Josh Mills states here, conservation is work. Hard work. This work is most often done behind the scenes by guys like Josh, Bill Bakke, and conservation groups like the Wild Steelhead Coalition and Native Fish Society. They do this with little to no recognition and with only selfless goals in mind.

Swing the Fly's goal has not only been to bring you the best swung fly stories and photos anywhere but also to help us unite as one strong voice in the name of conservation. As individuals, the tasks at hand seems overwhelming. But, together we do stand a chance. People like Josh Mills and Bill Bakke are going to lead the charge. United we can be the push that helps them through. Up to this point in Swing the Fly we have looked at broad conservation perspectives. In the future the goal is to highlight specific issues and simplify the process of joining the fight. This fight begins with things as simple as signing a petition or sending an email. When the times comes, please make your voice count.