Swing the Fly Issue 2.4 Spring 2015 - Page 146

Product Highlight

By Zack Williams

Mystic Fly Rods 13'3" 8wt. Spey

I had been curious about Mystic Fly Rods for a while now as they hail from my home state of Michigan. So, when Dennis Klein asked me to try one of his rods I gladly accepted. At $599, the Mystic Spey rods fall right in the middle price range between entry level and high end. So, I wondered, which end would the Mystic compare more to?

When the rod showed up on my door, I found that it that had the look and feel of a high end rod with high grade cork and a clean elegant build. The fast action graphite and tip flex rod performed to my liking with a Scientific Anglers UST scandi line in 8/9 (520 grains) and a 600 grain Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme.

It only took about 45 minutes to baptise the rod on a rare January dry fly steelhead, so what's not to like about that?