Swing the Fly Issue 2.4 Spring 2015 - Page 127

share our knowledge to everyone who listens on this special day and throughout the year. Just ask those who fish the river now. They will tell you that instead of one or two long rods each day on the river; you may see one or five in each pool. You may even see some casting and stepping being performed. And even more interesting is that you may witness a line of rods rotating in the more popular runs. Yes, a fishery is changing, if only two hands at a time. Some of the problems are generational. It’s a long road ahead but they’ve come a long way in just eight short years.

cast just right, and the line sings through the air to land in a perfect presentation, ready to fish the moment it hits the water, is replicated when I see a fly that I tied, swing through the current and all of its perceived attributes are present. The way it moves, the size of the silhouette, the way the light hits certain parts of it.

All of this brings that rare moment I get to spend on the water to a new level; it expands upon the overall experience for me.

Beautiful fly for a beautiful fish.