SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 56

AUTOMATION & PAINT ROBOTS The PaintMate200iA The PaintMate200iA is the entry level paint robot in the range. The robot is designed for use in small enclosures or spray booths. The P-50iB: The P-50iB robot is designed to completely paint and coat a variety of products in nearly every industry and manufacturing application. The robot reaches from 1400 to 1800 mm; its payload ranges from 10 to 15 kg, based on the P-50iB's two different models. Both models of the P-50iB can be equipped with FANUC's patented iRVision software, which can identify parts in multiple orientations. The P-250iB: The larger P-250iB has a two metre reach and will accurately handle a 15 kg payload at high speed allowing rapid reorientation for both conventional or Bell applicators. The robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or even the wall. They can also be mounted on rail units to increase the range of movement. A light-weight plastic forearm variant is also available for water based electrostatic applications. The future Corporate Social Responsibility, improving safety from hazardous painting work environments, and reducing waste material from more consistent paint applications. We have developed a product range that makes our paint robots accessible to a wide customer base; from large OEMs with a global footprint to smaller businesses looking to use robotic painting for the first time. Thanks to such innovations, our paint robots provide an energy efficient and sustainable solution. Robots not only provide greater efficiency and a variety of operational benefits but they help support employee welfare and Telephone: 024 7663 9669 Email: info@fanuc.co.uk Visit: www.fanuc.eu/uk/en The idea of automating the cleaning of steel structures was born in Sydney about seven years ago. Under the direction of Professor Dikai Liu, and in cooperation with NSW Roads and Maritime Services, the Centre for Autonomous Systems (Depa