SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 54

AUTOMATION & PAINT ROBOTS Achieving precision and perfection with paint robots By Sean Murphy, Sales Manager – Industrial Paint Systems, FANUC UK A product’s finish is often its hallmark. The paint defines its quality. Historically, there has been challenges in replicating the hours spent labouring over every detail by hand, with OEMs struggling to translate this level of quality to the assembly line. The issue is always balancing quality with quantity and speed. 52 Robots offer a competitive edge in manufacturing plants, where consistency, increased quality, speed and efficiency can be added, whilst increasing the Right First Time (RFT) and reducing material waste. exceeded the total of all paint robots installed in the UK over the last three years by 151% (based on BARA annual robot statistics). The process of painting with an industrial robot isn’t new, but thanks to recent advances in technology and the development of coatings, such as 2K polycarbonates, the process has been made vastly more efficient Despite improvements, when compared to international counterparts, the UK has been slow to adopt paint robots. Recently, FANUC supplied 38 P-250i robots into three UK manufacturing sites. At the time, this figure October 2015 That figure is expected to climb sharply as the benefits of paint robots are realised across a variety of industries. To meet this demand, we’ve launched one of the largest series of paint robots on the market, designed for high quality finishes and therefore suitable for the increasing range of industries in which paint robots are being used. CONTINUED ON PAGE 54 read online @ www.surfaceworld.com