SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 52

AUTOMATION & PAINT ROBOTS ‘Moveable Hoist System’ – a modular, space-saving conveyor for transporting parts weighing up to 10 tonnes The new ‘Moveable Hoist System’ (MHS) was specially developed by Eisenmann as a reliable and space-saving solution for moving large, heavy loads through pretreatment and assembly. The system is designed to convey parts weighing up to 10,000 kg per carrier as standard. As a result, it is ideal for handling unwieldy trailers, construction equipment, and components of agricultural and commercial vehicles. Versions for even greater loads can be engineered, if required. The modular conveyor system can comprise almost any combination of passive trolleys and transfer bridges driven by friction wheel drives and transfer systems. As a result, it features only longitudinal and transverse movements with no space-consuming curves, enabling it to integrate snugly into the production environment. In addition to saving space, this means it also requires less capital expenditure. What’s more, the MHS’ intelligent design allows it to meet the needs of practically any application. Flexible functionality, flexible speeds The friction wheel drive achieves speeds of up to 30 m/min. on long stretches of track. The drive’s frequency-controlled motor ensures gentle acceleration and deceleration. Carriers are introduced to the various treatment zones via transfer bridges equipped with telescoping transfer systems. This allows the parts to be transported to treatment zones positioned to the left or right of the conveyor system, as required. Differing process times can easily be accommodated. At the same time, the MHS supports buffering, and can send parts to selected 50 destinations, sort them according to processing order or color, and transport them twice through specified treatment zones. Both stop-and-go cycles and continuous mode are supported. The MHS can also seamlessly interoperate with other materials-handling equipment, such as hoists and trolleys. Parts are attached to the MHS just once, and then conveyed through the entire production line – saving time and space. Pivot point minimises wear Conveyor systems for heavy loads are normally subject to high wear at the gaps between the rail tracks, which are comprised of 12-meter profiles. Trolley wheels and cross beams are particularly prone to wea