SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 42

DEVELOPMENTS IN COATINGS “Reshaping” Processing Plants to Reduce Risk of Listeria and other Contaminants A patented high tech coating system delivers a monolithic surface that is “shaped” to facilitate plant wash downs and eliminate the cracks, voids and seams where Listeria and other contaminants thrive. With news of more food processing facilities pulling product off the market and being temporarily shuttered due to potential contamination from Listeria Monocytogenes, the issue of plant sanitation, as well as design and construction, are at the forefront. The difficulty with Listeria is that it is good at evading detection. It can aerosolize or attach to equipment and people, and will thrive in cold temperatures. As a result, it is difficult to control in the processing environment. Before application. Preparation of the surface. Spraying the surface. T