SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 40

DEVELOPMENTS IN COATINGS Dycomet UK Innovation Brings New Substrate Repair And Coatings Opportunities To UK Engineers A major step forward in substrate repair and manufacturing applications is now being introduced into the UK and Ireland by Dycomet UK Limited. The North West-based organisation has been appointed as the UK distributor and developer by Dycomet Europe and will now work in collaboration with the organisation’s facility in the Netherlands in the specialist field of metal additive manufacturing – often described as ‘cold spray’. “Centred on a portable, low pressure gas dynamic design, the concept overcomes issues such as stress, distortion and porosity that are often associated with traditional welding and thermal spraying, and has already provided proven benefits in a wide range of applications across Europe,” says Nick Gilfillan, Dycomet UK Managing Director. Now, he believes, by bringing the technology to manufacturers and engineers in this country for the first time, the company is opening up new possibilities in sectors that range from processes such as repair, restoration, sealing and corrosion protection to electrical conductivity or bespoke specialist needs. “Importantly,” adds Nick Gilfillan, “the system can be used with a range of substrates. This includes not just metals such as aluminium, cast iron, steel and copper, but even glass, ceramics and – currently in development – plastic and composite materials.” Dycomet UK attributes this capability to the technology behind the design. The system is centred on creating a supersonic airflow into which metal particl