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Aerospace heat treatment and hard coatings Vacuum Harden (up to 1.5 tons), Precipitation Harden, Nitride, Case harden, Tufftride™, Stress Relieve and Nitron™Flight PVD coatings Manchester +44 (0) 161 797 9111 www.wallworkht.com Cambridge +44 (0) 1954 233700 www.tecvac.com Heat treating Coatings Approved suppliers to: Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Bombardier and many others Gas Gas P Process rocess Burners Burners FD Series Packaged Oven/Dryer Burners • • • • TX/TRX Series Gas Fired Process Tank Heating Systems FD-C high turndown o • • dryer air heating burner • • Midco DB Series Air Replacement or “Make-Up” Air Heating Burners • • •Wide range of firing rates to suit alternative temperature rise and air Midco HMA high effi high turndown, air replac or “make-up” air heating L a ne ma r k H Tel: + ency small diameter e tank heating eering Limited United Kingdom @lanemark.com w.lanemark.com velocity system requirements •DbCalc system design software COMBUSTION ENGINEERING