SW OCTOBER 2015 - Page 22

INDUSTRY NEWS A World First For Zinga A supply and support contract has just been signed between Mr Bruno Saverys, the CEO of Zingametall (Eke, Belgium) and Mr Fanrong Ye, General Manager of Lufeng Baolihua New Energy Electric Power Company. He is the son of Chairman Huaneng YE who is highly regarded as one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs. This contract was initiated and negotiated by Mr. Gordon CHAN of PRIMO CORPORATION SHANHAI, the official and exclusive distributor of ZINGAMETALL in China. Chairman Huaneng YE is well known for his rigid stance on issues like the health and safety of his workers and their working environments, and he is also known for his very strong views on the conservation and maintenance of the land. As evidence of this, he has sourced virtually all of the building materials, including all stone and timber supplies for his office and worker accommodation blocks, from the local Lufeng area, using only renewable resources. An artist’s drawing of the new power station Bruno Saverys (left) and Mr Fanrong Ye during the signing It covers the six-year supply of the film galvanising coating system ZINGA®, which is to be used to galvanise all of the steelwork on the world’s largest power station being built in the Lufeng district in the Guangdong Province (Southern China). The contract also covers the full technical site-support that is to be administered during the construction period, and this is to include all technical support, training and inspection work. The signing ceremony was witnessed, in person, by His Royal Highness, King Philippe of Belgium, who had travelled to China with his team of experts to also look into other areas of industry. So the ceremony was an extremely high-profile affair with a great many people in attendance. 20 He will also ensure that the construction and operation of this power station, boasting 8 x 1000 MW turbines, will operate to the highest standards of occupational safety, ecological balance and maximised levels of conservation in the locality. The Guangdong Lufeng Jiahuwan Power Plant will be completed in 2021, and will supply power to the 108 million people who live and work in the Guangzhou province. Although it will be coal-fired, this will be a state-of-the-art power station with almost zero emissions and is destined to be a show-piece to the engineering world. The scrubbers, machinery and equipment are being manufactured and supplied by various companies around the world, with countries like Germany being a supplier of some of the high-tech equipment for the turbines. After initial discussions regarding the coating of the structural steelwork, it was proposed by Zingametall that the ZINGA® could be further used on the conveyors that will be carrying the coal from the ships, and also on the reinforcing bars that are to be used within the concrete along the harbour front. Zinc is a well-proven anti-corrosion