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THE WORLDS MOST ADVANCED HERMETICALLY SEALED SEALED HERMETICALLY SOLVENT & AQUEOUS TECHNOLOGIES BOSCH Supplier Award 2005/2006 winner—best machinery and equipment category BOSCH Preferred Supplier 2010 & 2011—cleaning machines Lease/purchase facilities now available For chlorinated solvents, non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols Very quick process times — up to 11.5 cycles per hour Up to 20% less energy consumption due to a unique solvent heating and condensing format Guaranteed Compliance with 1999/13/EC the EU’s “Solvent Emissions Directive”, the UK’s own Solvent Emissions (England & Wales) Regulations 2004 and EU Standard — EuroNorm EN12921/4 Multi step aqueous technologies & Your partners for guaranteed results and long term compliance Tel 0151 326 2314 www.standardindustrial.co.uk info@standardindustrial.co.uk