SW Dec 2015 - Page 84

Pretreatment News Do you ...degrease and phosphate metals for painting? ...use a lengthy multi stage, heated process, with monitoring, titration, waste water and sludge? WHY? It’s Time To Change it! Treat all metals at the same time, in one short process with no heat, no water and no waste. GET BETTER PROTECTION AND SAVE MONEY Has the cost of gas got you fired up? UK gas prices are now the highest in the world. Everyone is feeling the heat Stop heating your tank, use Plaforization Convert your existing system or fit new TURN IT OFF! No Gas - No Water - Minimal Electricity Produce: No C02 - No Waste - No CFC or other toxic emissions Our systems use: 250 - 1,000 hours salt spray protection depending on product and substrate FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS AGAINST ENERGY COSTS Enviro Technologies The White House, Canal Lane, Hatton, Nr Warwick CV35 7JL Tel: 01926 494126 Email: info@envirometaltech.co.uk www.envirometaltech.co.uk