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WORLD SERVICES BOILERS CLEANING & DEGREASING EQUIPMENT COATING THICKNESS MEASUREMENT COMPLETE FINISHING PLANT Industrial Spraywash Ltd cleaning machine services Sales & Service of Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Cabinet and conveyorised systems. Standard and bespoke equipment. Full range of chemicals. Service and support. Field Lodge, Cranham, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 8HB Tel: 01452 810972 Fax: 01452 810902 email: sales@haleequipment.co.uk COMPUTER SYSTEMS Tel: 0044 (0) 1245 233715 E-Mail: sales@industrialspraywash.com www.industrialspraywash.com Do you know what your production line is doing? ORPHEUS DOES ORPHEUS... Proven Production control software Steam Generators PEARSON PANKE LIMITED +*)('&%$'#*"!# '' '**! *!) 1-3 Hale Grove Gardens, London NW7 3LR Tel: +44 20 8959 3232 Fax: +44 20 8959 5613 email: 50years@pearsonpanke.co.uk www.pearsonpanke.co.uk Barcode technology provides TOTAL ORDER TRACKING and TRACEABILITY Interested? Why not give us a call for a demonstration. Mark dimmock Acton Gate Systems Ltd, Wednesbury, West Midlands 0121 505 6533 actongate www.actongate.co.uk enquiries@actongate.co.uk COLD DIP GALVANISING !)"'%' )('-')( " '  '  '   '  ' '  "#"# #"# CHEMICALS Advanced Component Washing and Degreasing Systems t4JOHMF.VMUJ1SPDFTT4UBHFT t#BUDI1SPDFTTJOH t$POWFZPSJTFE4ZTUFNT t%FUFSHFOU1SPEVDUT t'VMM%FTJHO#VJME$BQBCJMJUZ CLEANING FACILITY COLD DIP GALVANISING CONVEYOR SYSTEMS DESIGNED FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE A: COMPACT LAYOUT IMPROVED WORK FLOW REDUCED RE-WORK CALL NOW FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE 01455 553359 Manual Monorail Conveyors For unit loads up to 5000kg Drop Sections For unit loads up to 5000kg Power & Free Conveyors For unit loads up to 12000kg Monorail Chain Conveyors For unit loads up to 300kg Gravity Cranes & Bridge Cranes Manual or semi automatic www.cpacontractors.co.uk read online @ www.surfaceworld.com December 2015 71