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COMPANY SPOTLIGHT – HARTER DRYING SOLUTIONS Successful Show Attendance at Surface World 2015 “What we have realised from our attendance at the Surface World Show is that the UK market is open for innovation and improvement in the field of drying technology. There was an interesting and constructive exchange of ideas. A presentation by our marketing partner Mervyn Brown also met with much approval“, recapitulates Norbert Feßler, Manager of Harter Drying Solutions. “We are very satisfied with the results of the exhibition which Harter attended for the second time. We definitely plan to be present at the next Surface World Show.” Innovative Drying Solutions The Harter developed “heat pump based condensation drying” technology is capable of drying any product in a fast, reliable and energy efficient manner. This way of drying is unique on the market. It resolves drying problems and safeguards the operator’s production process. Quality, efficiency and process reliability are of utmost importance. The use of extremely dry air and customised air routeing allow optimum drying results to be obtained within very short time. Drying temperatures may vary between 20 °C and 90 °C, as applicable for the product and process. The integrated heat pump technology ensures highest efficiency of the drying process. Drying always takes place in a closed system, which makes it absolutely independent of the climate. Airgenex® condensation drying is a flexible system which may be integrated in any process. Air dehumidification by means of a heat pump may be implemented in any batch or continuous operation. Harter were at Surface World 2015 Airgenex® paint drying 4 December 2015 Airgenex® applications Uniform Paint Drying The Airgenex® drying technology is also an excellent solution for drying aqueous paint coated surfaces because the paint is cured from the inside out in a uniform and, at the same time, gentle manner. Blistering, bubbling and cratering are prevented. Operators intending to replace solventbased with water-based paint will face quite a challenge. Aqueous paint requires much more time for flashing off. If considerable expansion of the flashing-off zone is undesirable or impracticable an efficient drying system meeting all quality requirements must be integrated. Drying Sludges to Save Cost Condensation drying is also used for drying filter-pressed waste sludges. Such dehydrated sludges still contain a lot of water and have a certain volume. Using a Drymex® sludge dryer may normally reduce both weight and volume by 50 percent. Operators may thus save a lot of money for waste disposal. Airgenex® rack drying