SW Dec 2015 - Page 52

PAINT & POWDER Gema OptiSpray AP01 with Smart Inline Technology (SIT) Right Path - Right Output The revolution in powder application technology is here! Gema brings the powder coating industry a completely different approach to dense phase pump technology by using a singlechannel, inline concept. The OptiSpray is like no other pump on the market. Unlike some multi-channel dense phase pump solutions that rely on constant high-density powder ratios and low air volumes, Gema’s new OptiSpray AP01 pump technology focuses on using the right powder path design to deliver the right amount of powder output and more. Using Smart Inline Technology (SIT), the OptiSpray delivers remarkable powder coating savings and stellar coating quality. With Gema, you’ll achieve high-quality results every time, because with Gema’s advanced patent protected technology, you’ll control your powder cloud with the right path and the right powder output for the application at hand. Right Path Producing an optimum spray pattern using older, high density, multi-channel pumps is a challenge. “Puffing” and “surging” powder clouds require frequent control adjustment and other measures to compensate. OptiSpray, with its Smart Inline Technology design uses a revolutionary single channel powder path to accurately deliver powder and provide you with broader spray pattern management at the gun tip. This control offers the highest quality appearance for all types of powder coating material, even challenging special effect metallic and textured powders. Right Output Spraying too much powder is wasteful, costly and simply unnecessary. The new OptiSpray AP01 pump offers superior air balance control that enables it to achieve more stable and repeatable powder output when compared to typical venturi pumps and older high-density, multi-channel pump equipment. To achieve a high quality powder coating finish a dense phase pump must deliver a consistent and stable powder supply. With its superior powder cloud control, the new OptiSpray AP01 pump in combination with the OptiCenter powder management systems produces a superior finish, improves transfer efficiency during every application, reduces powder consumption and provides the fastest colour change with the ultimate in powder conditioning. Customer Benefits Stable and repeatable powder delivery producing a uniform and high quality coating Immediately responsive for changes in powder output Linear powder delivery operating range of 50-300 grams/minute Superior air balance and control producing optimum powder cloud characteristics Improved transfer efficiency and higher quality powder coating finish appearance Consistent powder supply even with long powder hoses, up to 30m Superior application performance from Gema’s patent* protected technology References Leon Hogg – Head of Sales UK for Gema explains “Since our first UK installation in early 2015 we now have in excess of 150 pumps in operation across a multitude of segments and applications including colour change, two coat processes and retrofit upgrades. For more information please contact Gema on +44 1202 763942 or uk.sales@gema.eu.com 50 December 2015 read online @ www.surfaceworld.com