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Industry experts for the development, production and installation of automated internal material flow technology such as overhead conveyors, floor conveyors and bridge cranes Power and Free conveyors With Power and Free conveyor systems practically every logistical problem can be solved. Primarily it is a continuously running system, which allows the product to be stopped, diverted, or buffered wherever the manufacturing process requires. Railtechniek offers several types of P & F systems, light duty for small products up to 50 kg's, medium duty for products up to 500 Kg and heavy duty for products up to 8000 kg's. Manual conveyors Manual systems are used in many different areas of industry. Most effectively they are used in metalworking industries, assembly lines, pre-treatment and powder coat / painting lines. Our manual systems are available in three ranges, for product weights from 50 to 5000 kg’s. We design the complete system to meet your present requirements and working conditions. The manual system can be (partial) automated, if required. Monorail Chain conveyors Overhead monorail chain conveyors can be used in an unlimited variety of industries, depending on the use of the system and the weight that has to be transported. They can be used for a continuous flow of products through an assembly line or as a Stop and Go system that stops at the different positions in an installation. Overhead monorail chain conveyors can be found in the food processing industry, surface treatment industry, slaughterhouses, washing industry, to name a few. Crane systems Overhead crane systems can be manual or driven and are used in distribution centres, assembly lines and surface-treatment, to name a few. We can assist in the decision of which system is best for your requirements. Dipping tank cranes are used for transporting metal products in and out of a series of pre-treatment tanks. These specially designed cranes can be used stand-alone or integrated in a Power and Free or Monorail system. Contact Us for all of your conveying needs: Stewart Gill Conveyors (UK) Unit 4 Brook Business Park Brookhampton Lane Kineton Warwickshire CV35 0JA Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV Koelenhofstraat 13 4004 JR Tiel Nederland Phone: +44 (0) 192 664 14 24 Fax: +44 (0) 192 664 14 26 Phone: +31 (0) 344 61 63 63 Fax: +31 (0) 344 61 10 72 www.stewart-gill.co.uk www.railtechniek.nl