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MARKET LEADERS FOR HEATING, COOLING & CONTROL EQUIPMENT TO THE METAL FINISHING INDUSTRY • • • • • Immersion heaters Cooling panels/ heat exchangers Float switches, Temperature controls and limiters Combined level & temperature probes • Plug and play stand alone control panels (up to 27kW) • Hand held PH testers • The KNS continuous level measurement system Visit our new website for details on our electric heaters, plate heat exchangers, level and temperature controls, complete plug & play control panels and accessories. www.gmfequipment.co.uk Materials used in the manufacture of our standard products: • Teflon® (FEP, PFA, PVDF & PTFE) • Stainless Steel 316Ti • Steel • Porcelain • Titanium • Quartz Glass • Technical Glass (Designed for Manganese Phosphate Tanks) Barton House, Ashby Road, Kegworth, Derby, DE74 2DH T: 01509 673656 F: 01509 674729 Email: sales@gmfequipment.co.uk Web: www.gmfequipment.co.uk