Surface World May 2018 Surface World May 2018 - Page 58

include the design and construction of the Formula Student Sports Car. To cater for the diverse demands, Portsmouth University specified the Mitutoyo Crysta- Apex S776 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), a Roundtest RA-1600, a Formtracer SV-C3200 and a QuickVision Apex non-contact measuring system. To ensure students receive the finest blend of academic education and practical experience, part of the £150m university investment has included two Hurco CNC machine tools, a suite of Stratsys and HK3D 3D printing technology and of course the newly equipped metrology department. The previous batch of Mitutoyo equipment was over 15 years old and the South Coast facility recognised the need to update. As Mr Keeble continues: “Whilst the hardware was still capable of performing after 15+ years, the technology behind the software was becoming somewhat dated. For example, the four machines we had, all used PC’s with either Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating systems, which is largely incompatible with modern platforms. Additionally, the ageing PC’s had floppy disc drives and no USB ports, which made recording and transferring data a challenge. The new acquisitions are a paradigm shift from what we previously had.” Commenting upon the July 2017 purchase of four Mitutoyo metrology instruments, Mr William Keeble, Lead Technician at Portsmouth University’s School of Engineering says: “We’ve been using Mitutoyo equipment for decades. It has always been consistently precise, reliable and robust, which is a pre-requisite when equipment is frequently operated by inexperienced undergraduates. Furthermore, the Mitutoyo brand is well supported with excellent training and technical support. The software is user friendly, intuitive and gives detailed reporting, which is another critical factor for staff and researchers alike.” With extremely diverse metrology requirements, the procured equipment had to cover virtually all facets of dimensional verification. At a fundamental level, the content of some degree modules incorporate basic metrology and the measuring of surfaces, hole concentricity and reference points. At a more advanced level for final year, post-graduate and PhD students, academics require a solution that supports the reverse engineering of components, assemblies and the verification of completely new technology concepts. Some projects The University has more than 25,000 students and 2,500 staff. The prestigious engineering department educates more than 500 students every year with manufacturing and industrial degrees, masters’ degree ˜[\\˂M'H]SH\\X܈\ˈHXX[HY\˜ۜY\XH\\[]œYX\܈] H H ][\™YX][HYX\\H[ܙBڙX[\SK܈[\ܘYX]\X\H\XوY]KH]H[[[\XYH[ NM8&\]\[[Y[[YX\\HHX[Y]\[ۘ[X]BوHܝ\\[\H\[\˜]Y[Y\[H[ˈ[ܙH^\Y[YY[[\HHܞ\KP\^͈SB]\H[[Y\\ۙ[ˈ\BڙX YHY[X[H\YBSH]\H[[Y\[KY\Yۂ؜]H^Y\\ۙ[܈[[[XX[K\Y[]B]\H[[Y\YHK\[\[XYH\YX\&\ܛ][HY[ڙXš[\Y]HH[H]X B\XHوH M[XYYYܛYY 'B\[Y[[Hܞ\KP\^͈SB[H][Y[وH Nܛ][BY[ڙX\H]Z]][‘ܛ]X\ՋP̌ H]\XBY\[۝\YX\\[XX[B\H][][ۈ܈HX[K\\YXB^\Έ8'Hܛ]X\\\[HZ[\Y]YHH\XHY\ۈHX\›و\ܛ][HY[ZXKYH[X[\[]H]HHHX\[X\œ\XH[\\[ܛ\H]H[ܝ[]H[[HH\ܛX[HقH^ܛ][HY[ZXK'