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There is no need to set up gates, range values or know the thickness of the coating, simply select the coating material from the gauge library and start measuring. The Elcometer 500 gauge and intelligent probes have all been ergonomically designed for continuous use. No excessive force is required to take a reading. The gauge is robust, ergonomic and sealed against dirt and water, equivalent to a rating of IP54. The Elcometer 500 has been designed to work in harsh environments, making it the ideal gauge for the laboratory or the job site. The Elcometer 500’s user calibration adjustment procedures are fully traceable to National and International Standards. The Elcometer 500’s advanced measurement technology means that it is no longer necessary to know how thick the coating should be before taking a reading. Simply switch on the gauge, select the coating from the calibration library, and take a reading. To obtain the greatest measurement accuracy, the Elcometer 500 can be calibrated using the known thickness of the coating to be measured. If a sample of known thickness is not available, the Elcometer 500 Coating Calibration Mould (CCM) can be used to create a coating of known thickness, which is traceable to both National and International Standards. The Elcometer 500 can be calibrated by entering the speed of sound from the Product Datasheet available from the coating manufacturer. Take a look at the pictorial step-by-step guide to the right. The Elcometer 500 is fully compatible with ElcoMaster® software and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, individual coating thickness measurements can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth® to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation. Inspection reports can be created instantly using ElcoMaster®. It’s not just taking measurements but what you do with the resultant data that is important. As inspectors can spend up to 30% of their working week producing reports based on the inspections that they have carried out, ElcoMaster® saves time and money by producing professional bespoke reports in seconds - even when out on site. 43