Surface World May 2018 Surface World May 2018 - Page 36

will build on the confidence that our customers have in our services.” It is of particular relevance to Hadleigh Enterprises’ conversion of adhesive and masking tape products – the company sources master rolls from leading manufacturers before slitting and shaping them, often to produce die-cut shapes from engineering drawings, to meet exact customer requirements. “The standard reflects the importance attributed to supply chain quality, not least in the context of safety of goods throughout their life cycle which is a factor, of course, of major importance in the aerospace sector,” continues David Ogles. “Overall, this is seen as part of the drive towards establishing commonality of aviation, space and defence quality systems and we are delighted that it underscores our role in these extremely challenging fields.” “Aerospace has long been one of the markets in which we operate and the importance of this accreditation will be immediately recognised across the industry,” says Hadleigh Enterprises’ Director, David Ogles. “Importantly, the certification – which is technically equivalent to AS9100D – marks a level of capability within our operations that 34 Hadleigh Enterprises is quick to point out that, today, product masking during manufacturing operations often needs to accommodate ever greater complexities of design. “Precision is thus vital and sits alongside an understanding of different tape performances,” adds David Ogles. In many cases, the company looks to assess masking needs as early in a production process as possible and regularly looks to work closely with a customer’s design team to best match the shape and contour of a component’s target area. By often working from technical drawings, Hadleigh produces masking solutions to extremely tight tolerances to help ensure the manufacturing process is as effective as possible – slitting accuracy, for example, can be achieved to just +/- 0.2mm. One key factor of particular note in this context is the company’s willingness to supply material in any quantity – from bulk orders to a single roll. The latter offers a clear benefit for those involved in design and prototyping operations ahead of full production commitment. “Customers acknowledge that accurate, consistent and, in many cases, innovative product masking can save time and reduce waste – and clearly this is as important and significant a factor in aerospace as any other industry,” continues David Ogles. He says that careful consideration to the relevant issues can not only reflect on product and component quality, and even safety performance, but could also have a direct bearing on a manufacturer’s reputation and, ultimately, profitability. “We are extremely proud of the EN9100:2016 accreditation and I believe it fully recognises the quality control methods that we use and the commitment of all of our staff towards achieving and maintaining them. As an endorsement of our broader masking product capabilities it represents an achievement that is as important to our customers as it is to us,” concludes David Ogles.