Surface World June 2017 - Page 48

PAINT ROBOTS & AUTOMATION Powdertech Surface Science upgrade with Gema When supplying the specialist automotive, aerospace and architectural sectors quality and reliability is of paramount importance and this is what sets Powdertech apart. The desire to provide top quality products to every customer extends to all areas of the business and has led their Bicester based Surface Science division to invest in the latest powder coating technology from Gema. Powdertech Director James Grant discusses their investment: were asking a lot of the project members, trying to squeeze everything we needed into the space available. Gema were very accommodating in this and tailored their design to successfully house the Magic Compact booth, OC03 paint station, CM30 control panel, cyclone and after filter around the oven and conveyor. “Powder coating is a core part of our business and we have been providing our services to clients for over 30 years. For us it is vital that we are offering state of the art facilities as part of this service, so when we decided to replace one of our current coating lines with a brand new system, Gema were the obvious choice for the powder coating plant. By specifying the Gema magic eye system, automatic X and Y axis reciprocators and also the latest AP01 pumping system, we believe that we have all of the tools to allow us to achieve our key objectives: We started with a blank canvas, removing every part of the old line which left us with a compact area in which to install a new, fully conveyorized coating system which could coat four metre lengths. We were aware that we To coat the various products we do automatically, with reduced manual touch up Reduce powder waste Improve consistency of powder application Vastly reduce colour change times With the installation of the latest Gema powder coating technology, we are well placed to service the needs of our current, and new, clients going forwards. We are in a demanding industry and our commitment to investment in new plant shows our drive to not only meet, but to exceed, the needs of the industry today and in the years ahead”. Telephone: 01202 763942 Visit: Powdertech Surface Science are experts in the application of chrome-free pre- treatments and powder coatings for lightweight alloy materials, in the automotive, aerospace, architectural and other specialised industries. We have been in business for over 30 years and operate at the forefront of our industry. What drives us to succeed is delivering a high quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations and is of the very highest quality finish. We have strong track record of excellence and are proud to be associated with many UK and overseas OEM companies. Telephone: 01869 248 218 Email: Visit: Gema is a worldwide leading manufacturer of products and systems for electrost ѥ)ݑȁѥ5ɔѡ(啅ϊdɥ)ݑȁѥمѥٔ)ͽѥ́م)ѕ́)ѡAA1% Q%=8aAIP)ȁѥ̸) хЁ́ȁх́)U,ݥɥѥݽɬ)QȀ)Yͥ聝ݑɍѥ())U9)ݥѕəݽɱ