Surface World June 2017 - Page 18

INDUSTRY NEWS New Aqueous Detergents from Borer Chemie, Switzerland borer HT 1153 and borer HT 1510 Borer Chemie AG in Switzerland is a family owned company established more than fi fty years ago, and a well-known producer of cleaning detergents for industrial parts cleaning, with a very good reputation for excellent service and know-how. The company caters for industries with high quality requirements, for instance precision engineering components of any kind, residual-free cleaning prior to vacuum coating, applications in the medical device industry such as medical implants and surgical instruments, and pre-treatment of surfaces in Metal Finishing. Borer Chemie AG today develops cleaning processes in their laboratory in Switzerland to help customers put processes into operation. This assures that cleaning results meet the specific demands of customers, and excellent repeatability of the cleaning process. Borer is delighted to now present a process that is compatible with most materials, and can even replace TRIKE with two simple soaps. This is a spray process that can be applied for cleaning between production steps, and for final cleaning. The process can be installed on any spray wash system available on the market. 16 JUNE 2017 The process is a chemical system that can comprise of one detergent only, or two different detergents mixed into the holding tank. Both products are supplied as a concentrate, and diluted to between 2 % and 5 % with water. Borer HT 1153 is a mildly alkaline detergent that removes cooling fluids like emulsion and oil, and also salt residues, finger prints and other light contamination. The product is compatible with any metal (limitation with Zinc) and brightens up non-ferrous metals. It contains a corrosion inhibitor for steel and should be used at temperatures higher than 50°C in order to avoid foam. It can also be used in ultrasonic systems. Borer HT 1510 is a product with a pH of 11.6 and removes cooling fluids and oil as well and grease and stubborn contamination like burnt or dried oils. It is highly recommended for components that need cleaning prior to an overhaul, and is compatible with all metals except for zinc. The working temperature should be higher than 50°C, but for very sticky dirt, an even higher working temperature is recommended. The effectiveness of the products means they can be used for many cleaning cycles, and very cost effective. The products as such are biodegradable, but as contaminants are mixed into it during the cleaning process, it is recommended to consult local authorities before draining. A detailed brochure is available on request. In the United Kingdom and Ireland the products are distributed by Bühler UK Ltd. Urmston, Manchester, M41 7LY. For more information please contact: Telephone: 0161 866 2800 Contact Form: twitter: @surfaceworldmag