Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 5

Acton Gate Systems Limited - Tel: 01902 249299 Hilton Hall Business Centre, Hilton Lane, Essington, Staffordshire, WV11 2BQ web: - email: We are Pure Water Equipment Specialists and provide an extensive range of water treatment systems and services to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. Providing a Full Turnkey Service means we can Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission a system based on specific produc(on needs or requirements. These Systems include: Deionisers I‐on‐x Exchange Cylinders Reverse Osmosis UV (Ultra Violet) Filtra(on Soeners Pumps and Tanks Spares and Consumables: ADEPT Pure Water Ltd can also provide service for: Break Down & Repair on ALL makes of Water Purifica'on Equipment Re-Condi'oning of all types of Water Purifica'on Equipment Tailored Service Agreements – Standard or Responsive op'ons available Site Survey and System Efficiency Reports for prospec've clients or Repair and Service op'ons for pre-exis'ng systems. ADEPT offer a choice of consumables including UV Lamps, Chemicals, Micron & Carbon Filters. We also offer Sp ɔA̰Q̰Iɉ͡]ѕȁեЁɔ)1Ёȁѡչȁ9܁=91%9MQ=I =5%9M==8)APAɔ]ѕȁ1ѕ(؁!᱕ ͔AɬɴMѠ]ɽ՝9ѡ̰98