Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 198

WORLD SERVICES DEGREASING EQUIPMENT EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT ELECTROPHORETIC COATINGS SUPPLIER           SIEBEC UK LTD Unit 3 St Albans Business Park St Albans Rd Stafford ST16 3DR Tel: 01785 227700 Fax 01785 246006 E-mail: Automated Water & Effluent Ltd pH & Redox (ORP) Control. pH & Redox Electrodes Conductivity Control Rinse Water Control Cooling Water Control Solution Strength Control Europes leading manufacturer of filter systems & pumps to the electroplating industry. Dosing Pumps 1 - 1000 Lts/Hr High Speed Mixers Geared Mixers Control Panels AWE House Antom Court, Tollgate Drive, Beaconside, Stafford, ST16 3AF UK. email FILTRATION Tel: 01785 254597 Filtration for Industry C-Air Filtration Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of Dust Extraction systems, Dust Extraction filters, Spray Booth and Air conditioning filters. C-Air Filtration Ltd also offers on site services such as LEV COSHH Testing, dust sampling, breathing Air quality and smoke clearance testing. Advanced Component Washing and Degreasing Systems We offer Dust extraction systems to suit any application, first class technology combined with prices that are some of the most competitive on the market. t4JOHMF.VMUJ1SPDFTT4UBHFT t#BUDI1SPDFTTJOH t$POWFZPSJTFE4ZTUFNT t%FUFSHFOU1SPEVDUT t'VMM%FTJHO#VJME$BQBCJMJUZ Spray Wash & Ultrasonic Systems for: DEGREASING PHOSPHATE COATING RUST OR PAINT REMOVAL PRECISION CLEANING 01420 544909 TURBEX CLEANING TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Unit 1 Riverwey Industrial Park, Newman Lane Alton Hants GU34 2QL Tel: 01420 544909 Fax: 01420 542264 E-mail: Web DEGREASING & PRE-TREATMENT FILTERS EXTENSIVE RANGE OF FILTER SYSTEMS AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS SEMI AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS BAG FILTERS CARTRIDGE FILTERS DISC FILTERS OIL SEPARATION FILTER PRESSES CARBON UNITS PUMPS PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS World class effluent treatment compliance Xavier Mear 01298 768 641 07968 755590 Established 1976 Polypropylene tanks Fume Scrubbers PVC tanks Fume extraction PVC/GRP tanks Pipework Bund tanks Ducting Tank Linings Repairs & Refurbishment Rubber Linings Flexible PVC Linings HDPE Tanks Guards in all materials One off Fabrications, design manufacture and installation [ MM ^ MM [XZ[\؜[\X]˘BX\؜[\X˘˝ZŒNM%\^X[ۈ\[\Z][H\X][ۂ%Z\[\[\P[^X[\¸%^\[[][ۈ\XH[[Z\[ۚ[و^X[ۈ\[\¸%U\[ ][H\XB%[X\YXX[YXH[[%\\܈[[\[]X\\\B]Y\[[Y[\¸%Xܚ[XX[[[\\[•S M †FŅEĄDÃCĂB‚ăACA@@@ACĂB‚ăACAX\\]ZY[YB\؜[\X‘[[Y\[[\ۙN LMLH MB^ LMLH MBHYH\[\[ٙ\[H[\[\ M H N^H\XHHX[YX\\B]X[]H[\ [\\YK\ Y[\\ۈ\YX][ۂ[[][ۂ[\\[\‘[\[X\\]]]HX[B[܋\HR MH ͈ B MH ͈ K[\[܋\K˝Zˈ˚[܋\K˝Z“Y[XXۈ RH \X\YȈHHLjGȆHFȅȅHEGȂFHDG HŇHȆFH HFGGFHFGƇIHY\XHXܜ˂GBEFIDEFH^\H0BEȆGFȂCȆFHGACHȆGEGEHHHFFGHFGFFHDEņEGCXۈ0[\˂]\H[\ H\[\˂[Z[\[\˂[][] UHX\X[۝\[\˂[][ۈ\[\˂]\X]Y[ Y[X[B[ԙXX܈ PH\[\˂\][\]Z\Y[ ]Z[\]Z\Y[ BHFHCEBGCƆCGCB  H NL N L BN[Y[XXۋ˝Z•\]\]X]N˛Y[XXۋ˝ZœXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ