Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 196

WORLD SERVICES ABRASIVES ABRASIVE BLAST EQUIPMENT AIRLESS SPRAY & COATING EQUIPMENT BOILERS Room Temperature BLACKING Specialist De veloper and S upplier o f Grinding & P olishing Pr oducts So simple to do in-house BLACKFAST for the best BLACK finish For all your Shotblasting & Engineering needs. Straaltechniek UK Ltd Unit 8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ Tel: 01142 571077 Fax: 01142 571075 Approved Appr o ved Suppliers S uppliers to t o the Aerospace, Automotive, Cutlery Aer ospace, A ut omo tive, C utlery Medical General Medic al I Industries ndustries & Gener al Fabrication F abric a tion T: 020 8339 7370 F: 020 8339 7371 E: BLACKFAST CHEMICALS 01298 22233 @equipmidlands www .equipmidlands.c Steam Generators +*)('&%$'#*"!# '' '**! *!) High Carbon Steel shot and Grit. Low Carbon Steel Shot and metal Bead Stainless Steel Cr and Cr/Ni. No 5, Queensway Link Industrial \]BYܙ\ M[ܙ \H [ NML NM‘^ NML NL K[XZ[[\Y]ۋ[[ۋ˝ZST˙[ܘKB[˙[ܘKBۙN H N  NN SQSSӐSHPHST‘ԈSPUS‡JHIE„JD  IÃJD TPUSӔ΂(((((((((؛K[Y][]’\[\YYH]”[Y\Z]\X[YX\B[Xܙ]XZ[[“X[YX\Hو\[[][“Y][^X[ۈ[Xݙ\B\ܚ]H[\][ۂ]XX[ۂUS΂][[KZ^YYH \K]K̂H ƒIC ƒĉ…Fň@ȅEE@HǀEBGG@HȅEE@HǀEBSRPS”PUT΂][][K[ؚ][K[[[B[ܚ]\XYHۙHوHXY[\Y\ق\[X\]\HYY][HYܛ\[X[›و]\X[[\Y\˂HX[HYH\\\و[[^\\HœݚYH[H]HY\[Hو \\ܛZ[œXH\ X\XX[\ܝ\XH[\[XXH[]\Y\˂[[HYYZHX\]HX[ۋ[x&[[[ܚ]\H\X˂][][H [ؚ][B[\]][[B܈SS][HY[YX [    ͌[\\Y[YX˘B˘\Y[YX˘BX\Y[Y ][[YKK[\KR•[ LM H M MB^ LM H MM K[XZ[[\[ܚ] ˝Z˜[ܚ] ˝Z”TPHPUQSSSQT•USUSHPPST‘SPUS STSQ8(UPUT8(TU”US8(PUS SS•S8(TRTTPHURSPBS LH ͍ V LH H SВSH STH MM L NB[XZ[ZY[XZ[ BPQёPN[] H[[ܚ8([]Y]8(\Z[[HH NM M H NXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ