Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 194

SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Blade life was two hours, and the production line had to be shut down to change blades. A coating developed by Surface Technology doubled the blade cost but extended blade life to eight hours. The net result was a 50 per cent overall cost reduction. On top of these equipment-related savings, the longer life meant blades could be changed at the end of shifts, leading to higher production runs per shift and lower scrap biscuit and caramel costs. It is also worth noting that smaller cookware items benefit from coatings in the same way as larger equipment. Non-stick performance is totally dependent on the coating’s useful life, which means that more durable, higher-cost options more than pay for themselves in better performance and longer life. Medical device manufacturing Surface Technology’s applies FDA-approved coating systems on medical devices and equipment where surface release and low friction are key requirements. In these applications, which often involve high-cost assemblies, a quality surface coating drives down whole- lifecycle costs by prolonging equipment life and reducing scrap. One example is the use of non-stick, easy- release coatings on equipment used to manufacture superconducting magnets for MRI scanners. The niobium wire wound coils that enable superconductivity at very low temperatures are extremely expensive. You can reduce scrap rates by coating the equipment 192 2017 - 2018 designed to encase the magnet and preventing move Y[[HXYۙ]\X]]Y \H\[ HYY][\K[YXXH˂]][]H[\BH[X\H\]Z\[Y[܈\[\H\š[ܙX\HH\XHYHو\ۙ[ˈ\ZYHXY]YH[\ݚ[ܜ[ۈ\\[KX\\\[K܈YX[X[ۈ[ ق\K[ۙHوHܛ[\]]]B[\Y\][\H YYX]K]Hܛ[[\\\ۈYZY[[[Z[][H\[[ܙX\[H[\ܝ[X]\X[܈H]][]H[\K\XH][œX[[Z[][H\ۙ[Hܜ[ۋ\XHX[]][H\ZXHZY][\ݙHY[ۜ[\[ۋHZ[]]B\YۈYX\\\[[HYX]\X[˜[][]\XHܙX]HHY\[\X][ۈ܈ZXHX[YX\KX[ۈYX[ۈ\ܚ]X[[\ݚ[[[B\ܛX[K[[H[[\\HHXZ܂\]܈X[ۈYX[ۈYH[]][HY[[HYYˈۙHX][ۈ܈\\YH\œ\XH][\Yۈ[[H[[\ܙ\ˈ\[\[]]\XH\XBH\[[[[\[Z[و[[\Y]\[H\Hو^[]KX[۝Z[[[[X][\\ˈ]\XH^YYܙH][H[[\\B[ۛHHۙY[\]Z\YH\][ۂX\]X\[\[ۊK\HYY܂HܙHۙH]XXXZ[[H[[Z[]Y XYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ