Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 190

SEA: THE SURFACE ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION The Surface Engineering Association contribute to important ‘planning ahead’ REACH and Cadmium summit held in Brussels The SEA’s Chief Executive, Dave Elliott, recently attended a workshop in Brussels held by the Cadmium REACH Consortium and the International Cadmium Association. The purpose of this summit was to present and discuss the likelihood of upcoming legislative changes that govern the way in which Cadmium can be used within the manufacturing sector. The title of the workshop was “Planning ahead for a possible future REACH Authorisation dossier for Cadmium, Cadmium Oxide (and other cadmium compounds)”, and outlined the upcoming changes in regards to REACH and how this could affect companies within the surface engineering sector. Both Cadmium and Cadmium Oxide are on the Candidate List for Authorisation currently listed 9th and 13th respectively, in terms of priority. This indicates that change is on the horizon. There is a distinct possibility that Cadmium and Cadmium Oxide will be included in the recommendation for authorisation, which will be published at the end of this year – December 2017. If this happens, the timetable will be as follows - April 2018 – Discussion on prioritisation of ECHA recommendations at 59th Member State Committee meeting. June 2018 – Final decision on 9th recommendation at 60th Member State Committee meeting. 188 2017 - 2018 September 2018 – Public consultation. September 2019 – Final recommendations to European Commission. Summer 2020 – Final European Commission decision. Summer 2022 – Last application date (LAD) for applications for authorisation. End of 2023 – Sunset date. How does this affect UK companies working with Cadmium? Although nothing has been confirmed officially, this report should outline what the timetable will look like if Cadmium, Cadmium Oxide and other Cadmium compounds go forward for authorisation. It is important to note, that with Brexit scheduled for completion in 2019, it is unlikely that there will be a flood of UK applications for authorisation. Companies within the aerospace sector, using Cadmium and its compounds in their manufacturing processes, will likely wait until Brexit is completed before applying for authorisation if it is still required. read online: