Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 189

Two coats provide an additional barrier to the negative weathering effects of UV light, temperature and moisture. And a two coat system can provide superior edge coverage. For these reasons, an applicator who chooses an approved QUALICOAT two coat system may have more confidence in the warranty period to be offered after discussion with their powder supplier. Two coat systems over aluminium are gathering traction and have a role to play in the armoury of QUALICOAT approvals designed to better tailor the finish quality to the clients’ requirements. QUALICOAT remains the leading specifi cation because it evolves its approvals and tightens its limits with the 15th Edition due for release later this year. All designed to provide reassurance to the client. Quality and consistency of quality, continues to be highlighted by the association which includes third party testing of all certifi ed powder formulations and pretreatment systems that make up the QUALICOAT approval process. For specifi cation support, any member of the association ca ٙ\YXH[ZY[K܈\]Y[ܛX][ۂX]H\H[XYH][ۈقUPSPU[HR[\[[ X\H\]H\X][ۜ&HX]B]˜]X[X]ZKܙŒN] \[X\ N [ LKP\Z[[B]\\X]ܛXYŒ M H NN