Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 186

MCM CONVEYORS Supporting all your fi nishing needs MCM Conveyors, a division of Amber Industries Ltd., has developed and manufactures its own high quality range of light, medium and heavy duty overhead conveyor systems which are marketed under the Autotrack (AT), Powertrack (PT), Sidetrack (ST), Dualtrack (DT) and Freetrack (FT) brand names depending on the type of system. The modular designs of each of these conveyor systems are complimented by a full range of accessories which enable them to be easily configured to suit the most complex layouts and routing needs of any surface finishing plant. Recent fi nishing industry projects include: Johnston Sweepers – A new finishing plant was commissioned to include shot blast, painting booths and paint application equipment, all served with MCM conveyors overhead system FT500. A major feature is the ability to easily load and unload sweeper bodies weighing up to 2000kg, whilst being able to move them manually around the system via a series of switch points. The FT500 conveyor system uses load bars each connected to four trolleys to carry the sweeper body. The load bar design allows hook positions to be moved easily to suit different siz \قY\\[[˂Y\\Y\\HYY۝H\[BXHHYX[ۋ\HHX\[H\]܈YH[]ˈBY\\Y\\H[\Y[ۙHوœ\܈X[X[\[YܙBZ[\Y[ۙHو\Z[\X][ۂˈۘHHZ[[[Z[\][ۜ˜\H\]KHX\[[YYXH[[YX[ۈ[H[\H^H]œ]\Y\و\[KU]\]x&\]X[YX\[X[]B[ܜܘ]\[PH]]X L H\YH۝^[܈\[HXX[[[\B\وZ[[Z\[Hو]H[]˂N  M H NXYۛ[N˜\X]ܛ