Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 184

IMF: THE INSTITUTE OF MATERIALS FINISHING The Institute of Materials Finishing The Institute of Materials Finishing is the premier technical organisation representing professionals, academia and major manufacturing companies in the materials fi nishing and surface engineering industries within the UK and the world. A charitable organisation, it is managed by volunteers who give their time to promote continued success for our exciting industry. Originally founded in 1925 as the Electrodepositors Technical Society, after celebrating the 25th anniversary of its formation, a decision was made to widen the interests to cover all aspects of metal finishing, whilst retaining the main objectives of promoting the study of, and disseminating information on finishing processes. To reflect this wider brief, the name was changed to The Institute of Metal Finishing. During the past few years, it became apparent that our membership, both individual and sustaining, was being drawn from much wider sections of industry, including an increasing representation of organic finishing, and the treatment of a wider variety of substrates, to include plastics, wood and even fabrics. To reflect this change, the board of the Institute, with the backing of the full membership, agreed to encompass these additional finishing activities and in 2012 the name was changed to the Institute of Materials Finishing. The new name reflected our desire and ability to work within the wider industry whilst retaining our recognised IMF initials. The main objectives of dissemination and education remain as the guiding principles of the Institute today, with our education and training courses being held in high esteem throughout the worldwide finishing industries. We offer a full range of training courses, starting from our “Foundation” courses, which provide a basic 182 2017 - 2018 grounding in all aspects of materials finishing, to include simple chemistry of coatings, application, health and safety and personal protection. On successful completion of the Foundation course, students can elect to move forward to onto our Technician courses, which involve more detailed study of specific subjects usually linked with their actual employment. A pass in two modules results in the student achieving Technician grade, and to progress to professional