Surface World Handbook 2017 Surface World Handbook 2017 - Page 175

THERMASET Thermaset develop powder to meet long-standing post forming problem When a Midlands-based fabricator approached powder coatings specialist Thermaset Limited with a challenge – the Staffordshire- based company’s technical team took up the gauntlet. The fabricator was seeking a solution to the cracking of powder coating applied prior to the bending of metal. Thermaset Commercial Manager Nigel Crane takes up the story: “All too often a coating applied to flat metal sheet will crack when it is subsequently bent in the post-forming production process. This is usually put down to a fault with the powder, but this is almost certainly not the case - it is the fact that the powder is being called on to perform outside of its performance specification. Thermaset Commercial Manager Nigel Crane “In response to the challenge Thermaset has produced a coating with more elasticity incorporated within it. We have subsequently trialled it with great success, testing to near destruction! Quite naturally, our formulation is being kept under wraps, but it allows metal to be crimped, formed and acutely bent after painting. This brings with it strong commercial benefits as it is more cost effective to spray a flat piece of metal and then bend it, rather than spray a pre-shaped metal structure. “We are able to manufacture this powder coating in any colour – including black. In our view this is an ‘untapped’ market with enormous potential. Once again our technical team has risen to the challenge and demonstrated their problem solving capability. Any company wanting to find out more about this. or need our technical team to assist with any other powder coating issue, should contact us.” For more information please visit: or contact the company on 01827 55777. 19th & 20th September 2018, Hall 11, NEC, Birmingham Reservations are now being taken for stands at the 2018 show. The show is already 50% booked. X\H[Y[X[ۈ M  X\H[\XH^K\]˜\X]ܛ HYH\[ \H[O]\\X]ܛXYŒ M H NM